Racism in Bahrain??

  • Hi! my Company wants to send me to Bahrain for half a year, but I heard really bad stories about the treatment of expatriates and immigrants there. Is there any racism in Bahrein???

    23 May 2007, 06:39 Paul
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  • Racism in Bahrain

    Hi Paul! I've just read this blogpost which should give you some insight:

    Bahrainis are proud of their multi-million dollar F1 circuit and their shiny cities with clean roads and impressive buildings. But how do they treat those people who build those infrastructures and then sweep them clean? They are mostly Asian migrants (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistanis). Bahraini's depend on them as they are also their tailors, carpenters, mechanics, drivers and the shopkeepers, because they find these jobs as not suitable for them (with Petrodollar pride you can think whatever you want). Chana'd Bahraini, a Bahraini blogger tells that racism against the Asian migrant workers has been growing strong. A recent arson attack against 100 Indian and Bangladeshi workers was done by three teenagers without any reason. There is also an effort to move large numbers of migrant workers out of Manama, the capital following clashes between Bahrainis and Asians living in the capital. Their targets are mainly the poorer Asians, many of whom live crammed together into squalid, derelict buildings, because that is all they can afford.

    We know about the migrant workers plights as they are raped, tortured, forced to work extra hours and the only justice they get is some reprimand to the Bahraini and no capital punishment. A Bahraini man was jailed for three months after being convicted of brutally torturing a Bangladeshi employee. The sentence will be suspended if he pays a mere BD300 fine.

    According to Chana'd, the younger generation of Bahrainis lacks respect for the Asians, and there is no effort to change this. The situation can only get worse.

    Charlie 23 May 2007, 06:41 - Report
  • Racism in Bahrain

    Hi Paul,
    Bahrain is a freedom country when you compare it with any other GCC or arab countries because, there are many reasons available to explain you like,
    1. Many western nationals available
    2. Liquors available
    3. Churches/Temples and given freedom to follow any religion
    4. No restrictions on roaming even at late night
    5. Friendly atmosphere and neighbours
    6. More people literals among GCC
    7. Many laws are common for nationals and expatriates
    8. Leading hotels and Pubs(24 hours)
    9. many socities, human right's activities
    10. School available for all citizens

    Still there are some lack of things available but there are nothing to worry for arriving and working in this country. Once you arrive in this country u may feel happy and u might have good experience.

    The only thing u need to consider about yourself in bahrain is either you are paid well with good accomodation and having car for easy moving from one place to another...

    Enjoy your stay at bahrain

    Mohammed 20 Jan 2008, 07:06 - Report
  • Somewhat perturbed

    Being a British Asian woman I find the above slightly worrying.

    We are considering opportunities abroad and whilst we are professionals and therefore can afford a better standard of living, the above still makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable.

    Whilst there must obviously be a large expatriate community, it does from what you're saying Paul sound a tad rascist.

    Kiri 30 Sep 2008, 11:00 - Report
  • dont be

    having lived in bahrain for 20+ years now i can tell you it is NOT a 'racist' country. But there is an aspect of classism much like you find anywhere in india and people can behave badly toward the poor, as in look down on them. violence and violent crimes such as that quoted above (taken extremely out of context i may add) are extremely rare and virtually non existent in comparison to most places around the world.

    What you can expect from living in bahrain is giving your kids one of the best international educations available, earning salaries comparable to the best around the world and paying prices comparable to the lowest in the world. i love it and although never meant for it to be a permanent stay could not bring myself to leave.

    If you are seriously considering make the trip out here and see for yourself. At the least it'll be a lovely holiday.

    S.P. 07 Oct 2008, 08:22 - Report

    Mr Mohammed
    First of all please change your name. Claiming that the Bahrain is different and showing people that how good Islamic country Bahrain is by listing all non-islamic activities in you message. Next Mr. Paul, if you are a white skinned western guy you have nothing to worry about. These coward Bahrainis cannot afford to attack western. they are scared that if they do so they might be bombed by Americans. So don't worry mate and make your trip. the troubles are just for Poor Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi workers. Even teenagers abuse them and their parents are appreciative on complaining about them. Some people just want to hide the cowardness and selfishness of these racist Bahraini not only Bahraini but even other Arab Nations. But the truth is they need a Bad punishment by Allah so they can learn a good lesson. i guess the punishment is already been started with prices of certain things are being increased day by day. One day they will find themself alone if they continue the way they are going. they shoud learn some lesson from those muslim states who showed the same proudy attitude to other people who are like guest for them in their country. they should learn from Iraq and Afganistan. But i don't think they have enough mind to do so. At the End i really love this country because i born here and i am thankful to this land only not these people or government because till now what they have given us we have pay back by serving them as well.

    Sorry for any harsh words
    but all isaid is 100% fact based
    Thank You for reading

    BahrainiBorn 18 Oct 2008, 06:26 - Report
  • Bahrain and racism

    I worked in Bahrain for two years, and as a european you wont experiance racism.I am Iraqi and other arabs like myself don't recieve any racism. It seems it is only the people from the indian subcontinent who get it. Bahrain is an ok place, but the best place in the Gulf in my opinion is Oman, where I currently live.I say this because the country is beautiful and the people very friendly.People are very kind and welcoming. There are many places to visit in the country and this place has a very interesting history.The Omanis are known amongst us arabs to be the most affable in the Gulf.

    Mansoor 08 Nov 2008, 09:53 - Report
  • Racism in Bahrain

    Besides racism in Bahrain to South Asains(Indians,Pakistans etc) There is huge tension between the Arab population and the Ajam both are Bahrain citizens but they are raciallly different.There is a great feeling among the ajam that the arabs discriminate against them. So that is another thing that visitors should be aware of.

    Ali 10 Nov 2008, 05:05 - Report
  • Being a young asian woman, how safe is it to live in a studio flat

    Hello all expats and the citizens of the country let me have some for help with your view. Ceya

    Geethi 01 Dec 2008, 09:57 - Report
  • Black and British in Bahrain?

    How about a black afro-caribbean female? How would I fair in Bahrain?

    Ms_Havisham 03 Dec 2008, 03:58 - Report
  • Wake Up about racism in Bahrain

    The majority of the extremist shia locals hate westerners ! There are Hezbollah flags flying every where ! Hezbollah anti-western demos etc etc

    Ex Bahrain Resident of 35 years !! 08 Dec 2008, 12:39 - Report
  • White, Aussie female safe in Bahrain?


    I am considering a job offer in Bahrain. I am a white, Aussie female. Would it be safe for me to relocate there?

    J.J. 01 Mar 2009, 06:44 - Report
  • shame

    its shame that there are some people think that bahrain is a racist country.I live in Sar city where a lot of white americans and european people who lives in large villas and drive fancy cars,all those people have nice jobs and nice lifes in bahrain,youre welcome in Bahrain Paul.

    Bahraini 20 Mar 2009, 06:35 - Report
  • asian-chinese

    i ve got offer to work in mahama, bahrain.how about asian-chinese? is it safe?

    mondrich 04 May 2009, 02:37 - Report
  • White, Aussie female safe in Bahrain?

    im working in bahrain
    it is very safe, and it is free country
    you can have safe good desent life
    for more information
    my email is

    Basel 31 May 2009, 03:43 - Report
  • Brown American :)

    Ok I have been offered a job as a teacher in Manama, Bahrain. I am from NY but I am not caucasian. Would that be a problem? If i walk down the street or go to a shop will they harrass me? I love different cultures and people but I dont want to be under attack especially in a country I am not familiar with.
    It is so sad that even today people can be so ignorant and backwards. If I bring my pet will they harm my pet?
    Please advise -thank you

    Kitty 05 Aug 2009, 10:14 - Report
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